Constructive Correspondence: Daily Writing Tips

One of my favorite blogs is Daily Writing Tips ( They provide concise articles about writing, publishing, and the oddities of the English language. At least once a week I feel compelled to share their wisdom, and this week is no exception.

Today’s tip reminded me of the high importance of writing a good letter. Probably the most important one of all is the job application letter. Many people omit job application letters unless there is a specific requirement for them. Talk about a missed opportunity! I advise my students to write a great letter that will add valuable dimension to your résumé.

Another way to look at it is to consider the résumé your fact sheet, and the letter your marketing sheet.

Admittedly, a great letter takes time to draft; luckily today’s DailyWritingTips article provides ten excellent tips that will get you off to a great start. See

And–even better–once you get that interview, follow up with a great thank-you letter!


One Comment on “Constructive Correspondence: Daily Writing Tips”

  1. Ball Owen says:

    wow! I think love that blog also 🙂 thanks for the info


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