It bears repeating: TLDR*

Bob Johnson writes about higher ed marketing, but his latest post applies to all sorts of sites. Probably the quickest way to bore your website visitors (and lose customers) is to force a bunch of “blah-blah” text on them. The web is all about clarity and brevity. (This paragraph is starting to break that rule!)

As Bob says, “The best content strategy on the planet will not work if people can’t scan and read your content.”

Bob’s post:

*Too long, didn’t read


2 Comments on “It bears repeating: TLDR*”

  1. Michael Fich says:

    Indeed its true. The longer the post is, the easier for readers to get bored. If the readers are good at scanning through a long article then its fine, but not all are able to do that.


  2. […] the gist of your contact information, education and work experience in ten seconds or less, the old TL;DR will strike you down. The solution: List facts in the résumé and use the job application letter […]


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