A New Breed of Project Proposal?

Cat in front of computerEven though I’ve done a fair amount of writing and editing for workplace projects, I have never had to write a proposal. However, RFPs (Requests for Proposal) are a different story. Coming up with a set of software specs, helping to evaluate vendor proposals–that kind of stuff is more in line with what I do.

Jonathan Wold’s article in Smashing Magazine provided me with the view from the other side of the desk: the experience of the vendor, writing up a proposal to respond to the trusty RFP. In fact, Mr. Wold would rather not write proposals at all–they simply haven’t been paying off for his company. Instead, he writes a project evaluation, which seems to cover much of the same ground. But here’s the kicker: unlike a proposal, Mr. Wold’s project evaluations come with a price tag.

While I can’t imagine coming up with the scratch to PAY a vendor to respond to one of our RFPs, Mr. Wold’s description of the writing product is intriguing. To me, it’s a great example of breaking  conventional norms in order to serve a communication need more effectively. And maybe it marks a new trend in workplace writing. Judge for yourself:

Stop Writing Project Proposals


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