How to beat writing-induced boredom

Bored man snoozing on computer keyboard

via Flickr user Brandon Heyer

I’d like to think that my students are never bored by my writing assignments, but I know better. Heck, I write for a living, and sometimes I’m bored. I theorize that boredom comes from doing the same thing over and over again–writing instructions, writing emails, posting meeting minutes….All those daily workplace writing tasks get old.

Therefore I was tickled to read Daphne Gray-Grant’s recent post on the subject. I’ve already tried “putting myself in jail” by turning off email, Facebook, etc. and setting a timer. It turns out I’m a very disagreeable prisoner.

My favorite tip, the one I think I will have to try out, is this:

When I worked in daily newspapers, one writer in my department tried to use the word “hilarious” in every story. Why? No good reason. It just amused him. So do the same to your boss. Pick a word that’s unusual for your workplace and fit it, surreptitiously, into your next story.

Next post: how to incorporate “chihuahua” into everything I write for work…:-)

(And be sure to check out Ms. Gray-Grant’s blog at



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