Turn off your monitor?

man at computer


For me, writing is part of my daily job. I like to think I’m pretty good at it. Give me a writing assignment and I’m in seventh heaven!

And although I know (and teach) some tricks to get through the writing process, sometimes it’s “physician heal thyself.” I almost always edit as I go, when I know full well that I’m breaking one of the cardinal rules of writing.

When I came across Daphne Gray-Grant’s post on the subject, I knew I had to share:

7 ways to stop editing while you write » The Publication Coach.

Ms. Gray-Grant suggests turning off or otherwise obscuring your monitor while you write. As long as you are a pretty good touch typist, this will force you to just write, without the itch to edit as you go.

What are your favorite tricks for keeping your “critical brain” away from your “creative brain”?


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