Why business majors should pay attention in history class

File this one under “the power of social media” or — even better– a lesson in the importance of liberal education. Someone at The Gap made the decision to offer a t-shirt with the slogan “Manifest Destiny” as part of the GQ collection. So what’s the problem?

While the slogan sounds innocuous enough to some, the problem arises when we review American history. As social media commentary noted, the genocide of native peoples was a shameful part of Manifest Destiny–surely not the message that The Gap intended to promote by creating this shirt.

The lesson here is that it’s not enough to master courses in marketing and advertising–we also need the cultural and historical background that allows us to make informed decisions about what we sell and how we sell it. A liberal education should provide this context, and hopefully help businesses avoid this kind of bad PR.

Gap Pulls ‘Manifest Destiny’ T-Shirt From Shelves After Social Media Outcry – ABC News.


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