Disney’s MagicBands: Magical contextual marketing

Disney CastleHave you ever been to Disneyworld and wished you could skip the long lines, pay for the food without digging out your wallet, or just make the experience a one-of-a kind memory for your children? Disney is spending billions to roll out RFID wristbands that allow you to smooth over all the transactions a typical Disney vacation entails.

It’s all part of the My Disney Experience, which also includes a website, smartphone apps, and FastPass+, which allows you to skip long lines at the rides.

On the surface, this idea sounds like it could be useful: imagine how excited your child would be if Mickey greeted him by name. Imagine the ease of room key and credit card on a wristband. But when the longterm implications for privacy, marketing, and data are considered, there are more questions than answers..

Big data? Try enormous data. The ability to collect from an audience of minors–who normally can’t opt in to Facebook  or other data-rich experiences–may raise ethical concerns that have yet to be explored.

What do you think? Is it all a tempest in a (Mad Tea Party) teacup? Or is this something else?

Big Brother Mickey Mouse to monitor behavior via Disney’s MyMagic+ RFID wristbands


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